Office Magic

Excel / LibreOffice pivot-table data analysis

5 hours

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Whether campaigning against climate-change or tax evasion, data analysis enriches organisations with new arguments for their goals. In “Office Magic” we introduce handy formulas that simplify your work routines, help to question your findings and visualize results quickly and critically.

Tables are daily companions of project planning, analyses & research. In “Office Magic” you learn to use practical functions, e.g. for importing lists from websites. Pivot functions help to analyse and visualize surveys and datasets. That saves time but also helps you to formulate better arguments for your campaigns.


  • important steps and a structured approach to data analyses - with an office-program
  • to critically reflect upon your data and to ask the right questions for verifying your theses
  • to gain a quick overview of your data through the use of pivot-tables and simple formulas
  • to quickly create visualisations for blogs and reports
  • what to do when Excel/LibreOffice returns an error


  1. Welcome session & getting to know each other
  2. Getting started: analysing data in spreadsheets
    • the data pipeline and what to keep in mind when working with data
    • a short overview of common data-formats and structured data
  3. Hands on: Cleaning data & getting an overview
    • importing and formatting datasets in a structured way
    • formulas that help to clean your data
    • finding outliers with conditional formatting
    • combining different spreadsheets
  4. Hands on: Pivot-tables, functions and formulas for data analysis
    • basic statistics: correlations, standard deviations and confidence intervals
    • critical reflections on data and results
    • pivot-tables and filter-functions
    • interpreting your results correctly
  5. Hands on: Creating simple data-visualizations
    • good and bad visualisations
    • using pie-charts and bar-charts correctly
    • creating simple data visualisations
  6. Good to know
    • how to fix error messages
    • helpful AddIns for office-programs
    • other useful resources
  7. Last words: Feedback and coffee


  • no prior knowledge required
  • laptop (we can provide laptops if needed)
  • OpenOffice / LibreOffice / Excel / Google-Spreadsheets (details will be communicated in advance)