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Our Vision

School of Data Germany helps non-profit organisations, civil rights defenders and activists to understand and use data and technology effectively to increase their impact on societal challenges.

Changes in education acts, urban development trends or statistics on asylum seekers: More and more information is available online nowadays. Non-profit organisations can also benefit from data as an additional source of information. Data can pave the way for new projects and create new forms of participation for targeted audiences. A thorough data analysis can also help make internal decision-making more informed and insightful.

Yet, few non-profit organisations actually recognise the impact data can have on their projects. They often lack the required skills to use and turn data into valuable information. We at School of Data Germany want to help realise data-driven projects: We cooperate with non-profit organisations based in Germany that campaign for positive social change. How do you find, analyse and visualise data effectively? In our workshops we teach the skills needed to process data and use related technologies in an independent and self-determined way.

Our goals

Knowledge transfer

How do you tell a good story with data? Which ethical questions should be considered when collecting data? What digital tools exist to improve workflows in your organisation? In our workshops, strategy sessions and technical trainings, we impart knowledge on the targeted use of data and technologies and open up new perspectives on working digitally. We provide learning materials, best practices and resources to help you get started and/or build upon your existing knowledge.

Community Building

Successful non-profit projects rely on a supportive, diverse and hands-on community. In order to promote the exchange between tech-enthusiasts and civil society organisations, we organise events and projects with our partners as well as our community.

Social change

In a digitised world, data handling is becoming more and more important. Thus, teaching and supporting data literacy is one of our main priorities. Profound knowledge in processing data allows individuals and organisations to critically reflect and to influence public debates with evidence-based arguments. We wish to support more political and social causes by joining forces with other NGOs. We tackle real challenges of our partners, develop data-driven solutions and jointly implement projects.

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