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How polluted with nitrate is the ground water in my region? What kinds of insects are most prone to extinction in Germany? Is there open data about garbage processing in my city? We’re launching our new project Umweltdatenschule together with, all around the topic of environmental data: Together with organizations, associations and initiatives, we dive deeper into the world of data, convey data competencies and try out new digital methods.

One focus point of Umweltdatenschule will be the freedom of information act for environmental information (UIG). According to it very person has the right to freely access environmental information at positions with duty to inform such as administrations and governmments. Environmental information could be data about air, water, soil, energy or radiation, as well as plans and programs that influence the environment. We want to start a campaign in the coming months together with an environmental organization where we free data with the help of the UIG. In the next step we want to use that data to work on a data-driven, digital project to make the information usable and accessible to everyone who is interested in it.

All workshops and learning materials, as well as results of a needs assessment and the data-driven project will be documented and released online under open licences and free of charge.


Every person has a right to information. The non-profit platform supports citizens in accessing governmental documents and files from authorities through requests according to the freedom of information act (IFG). The platform also serves as a knowledge archive with over 100.000 stored and publicly accessible requests of official documents. FragDenStaat is a project by the Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland e.V.