Community Building

community building participation volunteering

3 hours

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Social projects and initiatives rely on the participations of different communities. Building and sustaining communities has become an important task in many organisations. Through the exchange with other participants, we discuss how to address and involve communities in a better way. Together we will develop strategies for common challenges.

This workshop is based on an exchange format for all those interested and engaged in community work and/or volunteer management. We reflect upon do's and don’ts in voluntary work, which principles promote participation and how to build and organise communities in a healthy way. We also discuss digital approaches and tools that can increase participation.


  • aspects and examples of successful community projects
  • which challenges and potentials exist for civil society organisation in this field
  • how to build and organise a community
  • how to value and promote the work of your community
  • which digital tools and approaches can be helpful to better engage your community


  1. Welcome session & getting to know each other
  2. Values and approaches to community building
    • chaos interviews: What does good community-work mean to you?
    • reflection: finding a common ground
  3. Building communities
    • establishing shared values through code of conducts
    • hands on: develop a code of conduct for your community
    • better participation through the ‘participation pyramid’
    • hands on: locate your projects on the ‘participation pyramid’
  4. Organising and supporting communities
    • ways to support voluntary work
    • hands on: develop ideas to give something back to your community
    • connecting community digitally and analogue
    • hands on: conceptualize formats that promote exchange in your community
  5. Last words: Feedback and coffee


  • previous experience in community work or in volunteer management