Open Data Brunch

open data transparency participation

3 hours

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Changes in education acts, urban development trends or statistics on fine dust pollution: More and more information is available freely as open data nowadays. At our Open Data Brunch you learn where to find open data and how it is used in social projects.

We will look at open data from the social, legal and technical perspectives: How can data contribute to transparency and political accountability? How can is help to promote greater participation? Which data formats are available and what exactly is "machine-readable"? What rights (and obligations) apply to organizations that want to make their data freely accessible? We will introduce you to various practical projects based on open data. Also there will be time to try out and get familiar with digital tools that can support research and monitoring activities.


  • what open data is and where to find it
  • how open data boosts good governance
  • which societal, legal and technical aspects are important
  • what opportunities open data offers to non-profit organisations (NGOs)
  • how NGOs use open data and what they have learned so far
  • how civil society organisations can provide their own information as open data


  1. Welcome session & getting to know each other
  2. An Introduction: What is open data and how can it be used?
    • social aspects: the connection between open data, transparency, participation and good governance
    • legal aspects: better sharing through open licenses
    • technical aspects: better processing through open formats and machine-readable data
  3. State of the open: the state of open data in Germany
  4. Open data portals
    • an overview of national and international open data portals
  5. Open data in non-profit projects
  6. Hands on: civil society tools & open data
    • discover digital tools that help you with your research and monitoring activities
  7. Hands on: Opening data yourself! - How to
  8. Wrap up, feedback and coffee


  • no prior knowledge required
  • laptop (we can provide laptops if needed)