prototyping data literacy teamwork

2 days


An example of the Datenwerkstatt concept, implemented as part of Demokratielabore


Over two days, we work on environmental protection projects and discover the possibilities of AI-supported data analysis. The events take place all over Germany. As part of a team, you will tackle a problem, answer a question or implement a data-based project. We accompany you in your work along the data pipeline. In teams, you will research and develop stories for campaigns or an approach to a challenge. We will guide you along the data pipeline, a method for developing digital projects. The best way to deepen your digital skills is with real data and by trying things out in a team. The 2-day Umweltdatenwerkstatt combines exactly that and gives you the space to get your idea off the ground with support. In this way, you will familiarize yourself with the world of data - and make new friends along the way.


  • how to realize a data-driven project from first ideas to data visualizations - based on the data-pipeline
  • how to design an approach for an existing challenge with the help of digital tools (e.g. for research activities)
  • how to manage and prototype digital projects in a team
  • You will be able to deepen your knowledge of a certain digital skill or area of interest, like data visualisations, analysis or finding stories


Every Umweltdatenwerkstatt is unique and is completely geared to the needs of the participants. One example is our Below you find a typical outline of a Umweltdatenwerkstatt.

  1. Day one
    • 1. Welcome session & getting to know each other
    • 2. An Introduction to the data pipeline, a method for developing data-driven projects
    • 3. Roundtable: experts introduce their digital projects, solutions to challenges and give insights into data on selected topics, Q&A
    • 4. Rethinking challenges and hypothesis: questions, ideas and hypotheses are collected, discussed and evaluated
    • 5. Teamwork: defining your ideas and designing an approaches to the chosen challenge
    • 6. Break out sessions / skill sharing with participants and experts
    • 7. Short project presentations
    • 8. Wrap up of the day & bonding activities
  2. Day Two
    • 1. Good morning coffee
    • 2. Teamwork continues
    • 3. Break out sessions / skill sharing with participants and experts
    • 4. Final presentations of the projects
    • 5. Collective reflection: How could we continue working on the projects and which steps should we take next?
    • 6. Wrap up & Goodbye


  • The Umweltdatenwerkstatt can help you to deepen your existing digital skills and to connect the dots between your areas of expertise and technology. Ideally: You have a good understanding of the potentials and challenges of digitization, you are active in a specific field (e.g. education, data journalism) and you want to apply your knowledge in practice. You should be used to working with spreadsheets and other digital tools.
  • laptop


  • Nürnberg, 7. - 8. Februar 2024
  • Leipzig, 2. - 3. März 2024
  • Moers, 25. - 26. Mai 2024
  • Cottbus, 13. - 14. Juli 2024
  • Bielefeld, 28. - 29. September 2024
  • Hannover, 16. - 17. November 2024
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