School of Data provides a nationwide educational program covering topics on data handling and related technologies. We address non-profit organisations that are interested in learning how to use data effectively within their work or want to enhance their abilities in processing data. Over the course of three months we develop data-driven projects with our partners. Through our network of trainers we offer tailored workshops and tool trainings which address the needs of our partners.

Our mission is to:

  • encourage organisations to use data and technology in their work strategically
  • empower non-profit organisations to use digital tools and data as an additional source of information in different fields, such as research, project and organisational development
  • empower non-profit organisations to shape public debates based on evidence

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Learn how to use data in a meaningful way

Get to know us and improve your data literacy! Whether you are a novice or an expert in wrangling data, we offer different ways of collaborating with us. See our calendar for our upcoming events.

Events and discussions

Attend our events, get to know our community and learn more about the benefits of using data and technologies.


We organise short, hands-on workshops which provide practical insights on various topics related to data. What is open data, how do you find and clean data for further analysis, and how does one create meaningful visualisations without having a degree in computer science?

Supporting projects and organisations

Over a period of three months, we support projects and organisations in finding data-driven solutions to their challenges and everyday questions. By combining individual workshops, consultations and technical trainings, we try to improve your organisation’s understanding and use of data.

Who do we support?

We support organisations and project teams that:

  • are non-profit, e.g. registered societies, associations, initiatives and foundations.
  • are active in one of the following domains: politics, transparency, freedom of information, education, health, poverty, human rights, urban development, environmental issues and international development aid.
  • have a clear vision on how to bring about social change through their projects.
  • have data already at hand or would like to collect data, or want to enrich their projects through data-driven techniques.
  • want to work with us for approximately three months.

Want to know more about us?

Contact us at and give us a short introduction on your organisation and an idea about how we could support you.
Our newsletter provides information on our recent activities, workshops and current topics.

Become a Trainer

Almost every topic can be enriched by using data. To cover a variety of topics, School of Data Germany depends on a diverse community of developers, designers, journalists, scientists and dedicated people who want to conduct workshops with us. Therefore, we always welcome trainers who like to share their knowledge and enthusiasm on technical issues, strategic insights, organisational solutions and would like to get involved in socio-political projects.

School of Data Germany wants to contribute to an inclusive, informative and digitally literate society in which data and technologies are understood and deployed in a meaningful and ethical way.
We want to:

  • support projects of non-profit organisations through services and trainings in a data-driven way.
  • encourage non-profit organisations to specifically use data and technologies for projects and acquire technical knowledge independently.
  • foster the exchange between non-profit organisations and tech-communities.

Skills and responsibilities

In collaboration with us, trainers conceptualise and moderate speeches, creative events and workshops for beginners, intermediates and experts. Sessions and workshops can range from a lightning talk to workshops lasting several weeks with our partners.
We would like to establish a diverse mixture of workshops representing various areas. You should be able to communicate your (technical) skills in an understandable way. It’s also important to have expertise on your topic, whether it’s ethical aspects of collecting and using data, finding, cleaning, analysing, visualising and communicating knowledge, or how to use data with digital tools and/or how to write beautiful code.

What we offer our trainers

  • working on interesting (data-driven) projects and challenges in the non-profit sector
  • connect with NGOs and our international civic tech community
  • educational programs such as train the trainer workshops
  • compensation/fee if possible
  • …and insights on the activities of the Open Knowledge Foundation working as a data-driven NGO :)

Are you interested?

If you are interested in supporting charitable projects by using data together with us, please contact us at: and subscribe to our newsletter.