Through our workshops we want to encourage non-profit organisations and individuals to use data and technologies in their work strategically, to experiment with data and to enhance their knowledge in using digital information and tools.

Our workshops are composed of different modules which can be combined on request and are carried out by our team in cooperation with experienced trainers and facilitators. We carry out research in advance to find suitable data sets based on your team’s interests. Our workshops will be carried out when at least 10 participants have registered.

  • Data Expedition

    Map uncharted territory in the land of data!

    Data Expeditions are quests to map uncharted territory, discover hidden stories and solve unsolved mysteries in the Land of Data. In a team you’ll tackle a problem, answer a question or work on a project. We help you to get started and it’s up to you to decide where you go.

  • Office Magic

    Tips for working with Excel / LibreOffice

    Whether campaigning against climate-change or tax evasion, data analysis enriches organisations with new arguments for their goals. In “Office Magic” we introduce handy formulas that simplify your work routines, help to question your findings and visualize results quickly and critically.

Our Method: Data Pipeline

Data Pipeline

The Data Pipeline is School of Data’s approach to working with data from beginning to end. Once you understand your action cycle and the stakeholders, it will be time to work with the data and we have broken down this process in steps. Our workshops are based on this methodology, which helps you to enhance your skills in each phase. The Data Pipeline was tested by numerous experts and trainers of our international School of Data network and is updated on a regular basis.


We evaluate our activities on a regular basis, to design our workshops as effective as possible. We want to understand better how adults learn and how to depict organisational knowledge and enhance it effectively. To achieve that we use the Data-Literacy Model, which helps us and you, to enhance and refine already existing skills when working with Data. It is designed for project teams and organisations alike that want to increase their use of data or want to improve their skills in this field. The Data-Literacy Model is the result of the Master-Thesis “ „Doing Good with Data. Development of a Maturity Model for Data Literacy in Non-Governmental Organizations“ by Helena Sternkopf. It was developed in collaboration with School of Data Germany and valuable contributions made by Data-Experts.