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The EU and its money flows are complex and the transparency of the financial data varies greatly across the EU member states. But where are the funds flowing? And what are the stories behind it?

“The Story Hunt: Uncover the EU” follows these questions: The data expedition, hosted by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany’s teams of Datenschule and, want to develop and apply the skills needed to hunt stories in EU financial data - together with experts of different disciplines like journalists, analysts, non-profit organizations, developers and designers. You want to participate? So don’t hesitate and register here:

The Story Hunt will happen until 30th of June till 2nd of July in Berlin. It will be a combination of group work, training, and mutual learning that teaches the whole investigative data pipeline process from asking questions to the dataset, hypothesising, cleaning and analysing it and turning the results into stories, presentations and visualisations. The database for this is the extensive EU subsidy data that we have collected to find out on how the EU spends the taxpayer’s money.

Additionally, we offer 5 weekly workshops for participants of the Story Hunt weekend, starting on 23 May 2017. The workshops are tailored to aspiring data journalists and non-profit organizations that are interested in improving their data-literacy skills such as finding, scraping, cleaning, analysing, and visualising data. We want to put together a group diverse in background but with a shared first experience in working with data. The workshops are run by our team and by trusted members of the civic tech community.

The facts:

What: “The Story Hunt: EU Uncovered” about the EU and its financial flows.
Who: Experts in the field of Programming, Journalism, NGO (campaigning, strategy and policy)
When: Workshops from 23th of May, Story Hunt until 30th of June till 2nd of July
Where: Berlin, Germany
Register for the workshops & the Story Hunt:
Travel expenses: We cover all travel cost within Europe up to 250€.
Find more information at:

We have room for 25 experts in our data expedition weekend and for 10 participants in our workshops. Both events are free of charge!

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